1 Samuel 3 :1-20
Throughout our life we all receive calls to various task and roles in our life.
Samuel receives a call from God. At first he doesn't recognise it he thinks it comes from Eli. Eli doesn't recognise it at first either.  In reality the various calls of our life take time to discern.  Sometimes we resist particular calls because we think they are too challenging.

What Calls has God made on your life. How have you discerned them. Who has helped you to discern them. What call is God making on your life at the moment? How are you responding to that call?

Acceptance of a call involves discerning what the community thinks and how they respond to that call. What do others have to say to you about the nature of God's call on your life? What impact does this have on your call?

For Sunday 10th June.

1 Sam 8 : 4-20

At what point do the ways of the world most attract you?

In this passage God chooses to allow the people to have their way even though God knows that it will not be advantageous to the people. Why do you think God does this.

Can you think of a time in your life when God might have acted in this way towards you?

What were the implications of God acting in that way?