We believe that prayer makes a difference in people's lives. So if you have a personal prayer request or would like us to pray for the community or the wider world please contact the Minister at bayandbasinuniting@gmail.com. Prayer is an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with God and each other.

A Blessing

May your heart

be filled with

the peace of God

May your words

be filled with

the Grace of God

May your hands

hold out the love of God

May your life

sing God’s song of joy.


Tolerance by Brenda Dreys

Because of deaths in Martin Place

Don’t ostracise a certain race

Of people because it was one

Of them when evil deeds were done

Please pray together so that we

Can grieve in complete unity

We ask you Lord to show the way

To all of us and let us say

“I love you just the way you are”

Don’t let a difference cause a bar

To separate a caring nation

We are all God’s creation

Bring about a fellowship

Let us get a better grip

On simple things, like holding hands

Not giving in to hate’s demands

That tear apart a world of peace

Let ignorance and bias cease

Does it hurt us when we see

People dressing differently?

Should we smirk why do we care

If someone covers up their hair?

This is the way they have been taught

So from their home they have brought

These customs that we do not know

Give tolerance a chance to grow

There are things much more distressing

Than the way people are dressing

Learn from each other then we’ll see

All can live in harmony

Each of us feels very sad

That a happening so bad

Took the innocent that day

Let us look to God and say

May we join in understanding

As together we are banding

Doing everything we can

To bring about for every man

And woman, peace that’s always here

Remember God is always near

His dearest wish is that we give

Unfailing love each day we live